Supermarket Slammer: Steak House Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

About Supermarket Slammer reviews: You aren’t going to find a bigger advocate for drinking-global-and-shopping-local than Anne Spectator. A locally owned wine shop is a labor of love deserving of both our curiosity and patronage. But Anne Spectator also gets it. Sometimes you’re late for book club and you need to grab a bottle of wine at the same time that you purchase a bag of organic cheesy poofs – and in that moment, you may need guidance on the best bottle of supermarket wine. Anne Spectator isn’t judging you. In fact, Anne Spectator has your back. I’m tasting the wines that are most readily available to help you make good drinking decisions in those harried times when every bottle looks the same.

I never would have picked up this wine as a normal consumer. I’m not a fan of the name and I find the label a little over-the-top. I feel like I’m being marketed to. Of course ALL of us are being marketed to ALL OF THE TIME, but I do appreciate a little subtlety when it comes to such matters. These turnoffs are exactly why I thought this bottle would make for a perfect supermarket slammer selection (alliteration).SteakHouse

Surely it’s drawing a lot of consumers and it is Anne Spectator’s responsibility – nay, obligation – to share my opinion.

In turns out that I was shocked by my own opinion.

I love this guy. He’s an enthusiastic fellow – juicy, dark fruit, and ready to rock.

Really, I should have known. I mean, it’s Washington after all and their wines are consistently made for fun times.

He’s a total Yes Man (in the most flattering sense of the phrase).

  • Want to pair up with some pesto I made in 2013, but just thawed tonight? Yes!
  • How about working with some dark chocolate almonds for dessert? Yes!
  • Up for an old Hugh Grant movie later? Yes!
  • Thoughts on needing to do some dishes before we get to the movie? Cool with me.

This is just what I’m looking for on a Wine Wednesday. Anne Spectator is giving you the green light. Steak House Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 for $10.99 is another solid supermarket slammer. Go for it.


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