Supermarket Slammer: Poppy Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

About Supermarket Slammer reviews: You aren’t going to find a bigger advocate for drinking-global-and-shopping-local than Anne Spectator. A locally owned wine shop is a labor of love deserving of both our curiosity and patronage. But Anne Spectator also gets it. Sometimes you’re late for book club and you need to grab a bottle of wine at the same time that you purchase a bag of organic cheesy poofs – and in that moment, you may need guidance on the best bottle of supermarket wine. Anne Spectator isn’t judging you. In fact, Anne Spectator has your back. I’m tasting the wines that are most readily available to help you make good drinking decisions in those harried times when every bottle looks the same.

I’ve been drinking wine long enough to know Rule #1 of selecting a wine: Don’t judge a wine by its label. But I also know that some labels are so pretty, it’s impossible for the wine inside the bottle to not be amazing. It’s science. And since I’m guessing you (or, at least the ladies) are thinking the same thing, so I know that a bottle of Poppy cabernet sauvignon will find its way into your grocery cart at some point. With that clean, creamy label with a single poppy and the perfect amount of poppythe coral accent color – so elegant and understated! – how could it not?

Well, I have good news for you, spectators! The science is right! This wine is a solid choice.

You are going to be really happy with your selection of Poppy Cabernet Sauvignon 2013. Medium tannins, long finish, and big flavors of dark fruit and tobacco. This wine is everything you want a California cab to be. And the price tag – $10.99 – is the dark cherry on top!

So, go ahead! Throw it in your cart with confidence. This wine is more than just a pretty label.

P.S. I’m feeling a bit sheepish that my first two supermarket slammer reviews are positive. I swear that I’ll tell you when I run across a Supermarket Slammer that is not good (Apothic Red, I’m looking at you).


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