Supermarket Slammer: Pennywise Pinot Noir 2012

A photo(1)word on the “Supermarket Slammer” feature: You’re not going to find a bigger advocate for drinking-global-and-shopping-local than Anne Spectator. A locally owned wine shop is a labor of love deserving of both our curiosity and patronage. But Anne Spectator also gets it. Sometimes you’re late for book club and you need to grab a bottle of wine at the same time that you purchase a bag of organic cheesy poofs – and in that moment, you may need guidance on the best bottle of supermarket wine. Anne Spectator isn’t judging you. In fact, Anne Spectator has your back. I’m tasting the wines that are most readily available to help you make good drinking decisions in those harried times when every bottle looks the same.

Anne Spectator is feeling her Gemini nature tonight – torn right in half on her wine choices. A Saturday night typically calls for quality wine time, but tonight’s plans don’t necessarily warrant a top shelf wine. I’m alone (Spectator, party of one!) and our first snow of the year is coming down pretty hard. Macklemore is cranked on the Pandora and I’m craving soup n’ noodles (recipe: open soup, boil noodles, combine). It seems like a good night for…wait for it…a supermarket slammer.

I’ve selected the Pennywise Pinot Noir 2012 and I’ll be straight with you. It’s good. The color leans to purple and it has that hazy, unfiltered look that I always associate with a velvety mouth feel. It doesn’t have a ton of depth, but the nose is interesting enough (is that rosemary?). And it has my favorite California wine characteristic – no food required! It drinks fruity and satisfying all on its own. Especially for $10.99. I’ve slurped the last of my soup n’ noodles, but I’m pouring myself another glass and cozying in with a stack of old magazines and a sleepy pup. I hope your evening is just as safe, cozy, and delicious!


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