Such a Tool

Such a lovely evening. An indulgent, glutinous, lovely evening.

  • A table full of wine and food, surrounded by close friends
  • A big bowl of creamy pasta (thanks be to Giada. Again.)
  • Fresh greens, blood oranges, and our favorite mustard to pronounce with an exaggerated German accent (Brennan’s Dusseldorf)
  • Death By Chocolate cake and espresso (nearly died)
  • A game of high-stakes art collecting with a snooty Brit, a ditzy blonde, a southern socialite, and a hard-bargaining German (Bonus! We played the originalMasterpiece.)
  • A spot of limoncello (okay, Anne Spectator was the only one participating in this activity)
  • Cozy time on the couch with killer comedy (Bill Burr, I love you.)

Let us not forget the impetus for this lovely evening – Caduceus Wine. Turns out that Tool’s front man, Maynard Keenan, has spent the last several years laboring to bring the unique flavors of Arizona to the wine bottle. And judging by the documentary about his work, it’s been a labor of love. But so worth it. Bottle after bottle (yes, we tried 6) brought something all new to the world of wine. We had so much fun sniffing, tasting, pairing and ultimately gulping. If you can get your hands on some, do it!


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