Happy New!

Wine: St. Innocent Brut Sparkling Wine
Vintage: 2000
Grape: 40% Chardonnay, 60% pinot noir
Region: Willamette Valley, Oregon
Price range: ~$18

Unfortunately, I was majorly under the weather this New Year’s Eve. What is this sticky flu-cold that everyone has right now? So gross. Nonetheless, we decided to give the dawn of the apocalypse our best.

Giada’s Lemon Raspberry Fizz
1 cup Champagne or sparkling water
1/4 cup limoncello liqueur
Crushed ice
2 tablespoons fresh raspberries or frozen raspberries, thawed

In a small pitcher, combine the Champagne and limoncello. Place a spoonful of crushed ice into each of 2 Champagne glasses and top with raspberries. Pour the Champagne mixture over the ice and raspberries. Serve immediately.

I’m not really a fan of doctoring up my wines, but this was a festive and fun way of making an otherwise snotty night, special. To make it even more special, we pulled this sparkling from the wedding vault. A perfect gift from the queen of sparkle herself, Big Deb!


One thought on “Happy New!

  1. I don’t think you were “doctoring up” the wine as much as it was probably doctoring you up. I know what you mean, though–I tried adding a simple mix of molasses, olive juice, and gray poupon to my last shiraz, and it just wasn’t the same. I’ll have to try it your way.

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