The First Supper

I could swear that tonight when we toasted, I heard the glasses go "dink" instead of "clink."

Wine: Rosso di Montalcino
Winemaker: Renieri

Vintage: 2003
Grape: Sangiovese
Region: Southern Montalcino District
Price range: ~$76
Musical pairing: Harry Connick, Jr., When My Heart Finds Christmas

Big news from the Anne Spectator household – We bought a big kid table! No longer confined to the kitchen counter for meal ingestion, we can now consider inviting others over to eat with us.  Plus – get this – it’s made of mango wood, which says is only like “the new bamboo” in terms of sustainability. This tidbit was the table’s biggest selling point, as Anne Spectator loves her Mother.

We selected our first meal based on what we thought would best compliment the big kid table’s warm caramely tones (which is not a nerdy thing to do at all). I do believe the photo above confirms that pasta with salad was the correct choice. [Compliments to locally owned Italian deli, Gino’s, for providing the perfect marinara, per their usual.]

Fun fact: You can guess the vintage of a Renieri wine based on whether the label has a fallen tree. The label depicts a scene from his vineyard, which he updated when one of the trees was struck by lightening several years ago.

The wine. Jason took one sip and exclaimed, “Wow, this is deep.” To which I replied, “That’s what she said.” Very hilarious and totally original joke aside, you should know that it really is deep with layer upon layer of rich, dark fruit and maybe some oak too. It had its very first hints of old wine color and that nice weight on the tongue that makes me so happy (Perhaps she also said that?).

This wine is meant to age. We bought about a dozen of these babies back in the day, so we crack one every couple of years to see how it has changed. Our observation is that it has filled in and rounded out more than two years ago, but there are enough tannins dancing around in there that it clearly hasn’t yet reached its full rock star potential. So now we wait while it goes about making its magic. We’ll check back with it in a decade or so.  Stay tuned…


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