Sage Advice

Jason makes perfect pillows of ravioli. Meeker bottle in background looks on.

Wine: Meeker Merlot Winemaker’s Handprint
Winemaker: Meeker

Vintage: 2005
Grape: Merlot
Region: Sonoma County
Price range: ~$40

Tonight we broke out the ol’ Kitchen Aid for our first shot at ho’made ravioli. Seeing as how it is the heart of fall and I can’t seem to get enough squash inside of me, we went with butternut.  Each ravioli is like a little pillow of autumn love. They are topped with a mushroom, leek cream sauce with sage from what remains of my herb garden. With every meal, I think it will be my last with fresh herbs from the garden, but for real this time – this may be the last – and I would submit that we’re going out with a bang.

The wine.  After spending some much needed time in the decanter, the Meeker merlot is presenting bold and bright. It’s fruit (dark fruit) forward with sumptuous hints of evergreen. Pairing with the ravioli was the right call.

There’s no doubt this is a special bottle.  It’s a beautiful bottle, covered in the hand prints of the winemaker and even bares his personal note to us “For Jason, Anne, and Theo, From our hands to yours. ~Charlie and Molly Meeker.”

This is what delicious looks like.

Anne Spectator should be honest with you. The real impetus for this meal was the cool colander spoon we recently saw Giada use. Not sure if there is an official name for that instrument, but it looked very pro. So we headed over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond this afternoon (turns out that there was enough time) and got one for our very own. Also, I dawned a tight, low-cut shirt to do the honor of plating the raviolis. You know, to get the full effect.


2 thoughts on “Sage Advice

  1. Anne, I like to eat food. Any suggestions?
    Also, I don’t know what your colander spoon might actually be called. Some utensils have very rudimentary titles, like, “Garlic Crusher,” and some get quite complex, like, “Spork” — a portmanteau for the century. Perhaps “Coloonder” would be the way to go?
    Lastly, your writings are both pensive and creative, like I assume those of an angel might be. Please keep up the good imbibing and culinary scribing!

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