Guenoc, Gonna Make You Rock

Reprinted from March 24, 2011

Wine: Sauvignon Blanc
Winemaker: Guenoc (now Langtry Estate and Vineyards)
Vintage: 2009
Grape: Sauvignon Blanc
Region: Lake County, California
Price range: $9.99-13.99

Whatta delight. Even thought it’s a cold, sleety, windy, and generally awful spring evening here in Wisconsin, this is one of those dancey whites that screams summer slammer. We paired it with wild salmon atop a bed of quinoa with cilantro/olive oil sauce. It was a great pairing as the lime flavors of the cilantro elevated the citrus of the wine. I’m a big fan of mineral in my whites and this one has just a hint, so put that in the “pro” column. Finally, and I mean this in the most appetizing way possible, there is a hint of foot in here that makes this more interesting than your average white. Unfortunately for you, this flavor surprise spurred a moment of poetry for me:

You’re gonna like this white named Guenoc-
With its tasty base of mineral and rock.
Winning with a finish of citrus sass-
A hint of lemon grass
And a big nose full of Eau de Sock.


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