Twas a Dark and Stormy Night

image by bumblewales

Wine: Roederer Estate sparkling
Vintage: non-vintage
Grape: 70% chardonnay, 30% pinot noir
Region: Alexander Valley, California
Retail: $20ish (great value!)

Gusty winds.  Dropping temperatures.  Fallen trees.  Pelting rain.  Intermittent power outages.

What’s an Anne Spectator to do on a dark and stormy fall night such as this?

Break out the bubbly, you suggest?  Why, of course!

Tonight my face is featuring a delightful sparkling wine from the Anderson Valley.  Crisp with a pinot nose and tiny dancing bubbles of fun.  A perfect match to my cozy pants and big bowl of fresh popped popcorn.  Drizzled with truffle oil, sprinkled with pecorino, dashed with sea salt and ground with fresh pepper…It’s the perfect bowl of popcorn made better by the fact that there is no one that I have to share it with but Theo the Doodle.

While I’d love to go on folks, I’ve got a snuggie blanket and movie to attend to.  I’m thinking black and white.  Mysterious, but not scary.  Perhaps Sherlock Holmes’ Hound of the Baskervilles?  Oh geez – another perfect pairing!


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