Here Comes the Sun

Wine: The Wait
Vintage: 2010
Grape: Torrontes
Region: Argentina
Retail: ~$13.99
Musical pairing: The Beatles, Here Comes the Sun

Anne Spectator is blogging on a random Thursday night because she brought real work home and she is trying to avoid it by drinking wine.  You see, if you blog what you are drinking it’s as if you are being productive. A-ha!  A brilliant procrastination loophole!

I will remember the delicate floral and citrus notes of this fresh, fun white as I paddle up shitcreek tomorrow morning. This white was worth the inevitable professional pain. Thank you, Sauv Blanc of the southern hemisphere.

Anne Spectator suggests you do two things to enjoy this wine fully. One, pair it with a super creamy cheese. Consider even going straight to butter if that is what you have available (Stay classy, Anne Spectator fans). Two, the obvious musical pairing is something light, fun, with a solid foundation. For instance, Here Comes the Sun.

As the Argentinians might say – Salud, dinero, amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!  (Health, money, love and time to enjoy it!)


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