It’s All Good

From left to right: Head Wine Guy, Anne Spectator, Little Deb, Stephen Dooley, Chef Jim

“If it tastes good to you, it is good.” ~Stephen Dooley

It was such a pleasure to attend last night’s wine tasting with Stephen Ross Dooley of Stephen Ross Wine Cellars, hosted by Wine Maniacs.

It was a stellar evening – one of the first to truly feel like spring here in Wisconsin.  We sat outside and enjoyed round after round of Chef Jim’s creations.  Mussels (so meaty), mac and cheese soup (so cheddary), and morel risotto (so, so, so creamy).  I was especially happy about the risotto as it was aw-ma-zing AND it helped me to accomplish the only thing I had on my weekend to-do list: Eat morels.  This is a bigger accomplishment than it sounds, as it has been a poor morel season here in Wisco.

But let’s get back to the main event:  Stephen Ross wines are pinot lover paradise.  For me, the star among stars was the Central Coast 2008, but really – you can’t go wrong.  And here’s why: Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to Stephen Ross Wines.  From the first summery rose, through the pinot noirs, all the way to petite sirah –  each varietal and vintage had the same signature of good structure and great balance.  Each varietal came through as a simple, but delightful presentation of that grape.   Later, Stephen explained to me that his favorite wines were in the European style – simple and straightforward.  I could definitely taste that influence.

In fact, Stephen’s wines are as laid back as he is.  After asking him some convoluted question about what wine goes with what and when to enjoy it or some such, Stephen  cooly responded  – if it tastes good to you, it is good.  He couldn’t be more right.  It is good.  It is all good.


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