Our VD

Wine: Wild Hog Petite Sirah
Winemaker: Wild Hog
Vintage: 2007
Grape: Petite Sirah
Region: Cazadero, Sonoma, California

We really know how to celebrate Valentine’s Day around here. This VD, we went with a seafood noodle paella. It turned out just how we remember the signature dish from the long-gone La Paella Restaurant in Fitchburg…full of Spanish spices like cinnamon, paprika and saffron all soaked into the seafood and angel hair pasta. It’s like fancy pants comfort food. So delicious. I’m not even going to tell you how many servings I had.

So, let’s talk wine. My valentine got me THREE rockstar wines for VD. We chose the Petite Sirah for tonight mostly because it was something different. Although, I will admit that my vote had a lot to do with the vintage. If it says “2007” and “California” I will be putting it in my face. This was good juice, folks. It has legs – and it knows hot to use ’em. Super bold start, full of deep, dark cherry. A sit-up-straight-and-recognize fullness. And a slightly tart, doesn’t-take-itself-too seriously finish. Overall, it had more spice than I expected, which paired perfectly with our exotic meal.

I’d say more, but really, I need to get on with celebrating my evening with my Valentine. Wishing a red hot VD to each and every one of you. Anne Spectator out.


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