Oh Livia!

Wine: Bianco Delle Regine
Winemaker: Livia Colantonio of Castello Delle Regine
Vintage: 2005
Grape(s): 30% Chardonnay, 30% Sauvignon Blanc, 30% Riesling, 10% Pinot Grigio
Region: Umbria, Italy

Tonight, we paired Livia’s Bianco Delle Regine with Jason’s first attempt at salmon-veggie kebabs topped with Mediterranean cucumber yogurt sauce. Both were delightful. Together the wine and the yogurt sauce danced across the pallette ~ light, herby, and just right for this cool spring night.

Lucky us~ during the spring storms of last night, we had the unique privilege of hanging out with Livia herself and trying much of her latest lineup. From Roses and biancos to steller sangioveses- we had ourselves some fun (See Livia signing our 2002 Podernovo magnum above).

Last night and tonight again, we find that Livia’s wines- like most Italian wines- are best when paired with great food. Elegant and refined, they compliment almost anything else you put in your face. That, of course, will not not deter me from treating the 2006 vintage of the Bianco Delle Regine like the “summer pounder” the Head Wine Guy says it is!

One last thing before I go- I haven’t been to Umbria but after drinking these wines and having taken a recent armchair voyage to the region with the book, Lady in the Palazzo, I am feeling like a bit of a native at the moment. Salute!


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